This is my journey of life, abstracts from my mind, what I am doing, what Iam thinking. Which observations I have made of the world we live in, of, and produce. I aim for health. For me health is a very abused word which has been corrupted by magazines and diet-trends. For me health is balance. Feeling good about yourself, firstly you have to make you love yourself just exactly how you are right now. Feeling good is eating good and sometimes what hase become known as "bad food", being physically active and socialize with other people. Everything in moderation. Balancing life is something that has become a watchword for me, sometimes it can be difficult but I am doing my best to follow it. Right now I'm studying a Bachelor of Global Studies with a focus on international relations, I just spent an semester on exchange at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, and now I am doing an internship at a CSR Consultancy firm in Stockholm, Sweden. I am also an active member of the United Nations Association of Gothenburg and various NGOs. I am bloging for Unicef and I am in the new project group of Sustainergees CSR Live in Gothenburg. ... And of course, I love to travel, meet new cultures, going on adventures, nature. Another motto I try to live by is "Fight Your Fears". Creative and Active. ☮

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